Sunday, 15 July 2012

We got a couple of pictures from the last couple of days! To start us off we have the amazing Laura who I worked with in Topshop in Oxford, she bought a Pastel Tie Dye vest especially for her holiday in Turkey and I definitely think it is perfect for a holiday!

The second image is of a girl who had tagged me in a post on Instagram today which really made my day. She had posted a picture of a couple of our tshirts with some Jeffrey Campbells with "want want want" underneath, stuff like this makes me extremely happy that people do actually love Jennifer Hope items! Really did make my day.

The next image is of Amy, she has put the Jennifer Hope logo tshirt with the sickest outfit, a camo mac and red Nike Blazers! She definitely represents Jennifer Hope well.

Last image is of my girl at Jig Saw Lane's tshirt that arrived this weekend. She went for the Gold Hearts Diamond tee, definitely a good decision. Look forward to see what me and this girl are working on at the moment, exciting things!

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