Monday, 23 July 2012

Jennifer Hope customers have style. evidence.

Damn it you can tell I have been away for the weekend visiting my second home of Bristol due to my lack of posts. However I have some extremely stunning pictures from some of my Jennifer Hope family to share with you!

Firstly we have The amazing Joe Sims, who I worked with in Topshop back in Bristol. He's such a babe and I just love this picture with Rihanna in the background.

Secondly we have the gorgeous Dee from the Jennifer Hope Instagram who posted up this picture for us the other day and she just looks amazing. She has styled her pastel rainbow vest so well with cute hair bow and jewellery, I just love it.

Thirdly we have Kosha! This girl won one of our tshirts after entering into one of our Facebook competitions. She's such a star and I love this picture it proper made me laugh when I saw it.  Massive love girl.

Our Last image is of THE babe Marni. We have always had friends in common and I asked if shed do a bit of promotion for me up north considering I'm only ever down the south of the country. So she is being a babe and spreading the word for me up the north of the country and also sending me absolutely sensational photos like the one below!

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