Thursday, 26 July 2012

Blog features

You may or may not have looked at the site however I have a page on there which features some of my old blog and press features that I wanted to share.

Back in June of 2011 I was featured on FAB Magazines blog just after I'd attended Graduate Fashion Week at Earls Court London. The brand Jennifer Hope wasn't set up then but they did a feature on me personally as a designer.

FAB magazine letter on asked me to feature in one of there magazines in a feature called "The class of 2011" which was 5 designers they had picked out of graduate fashion week to appear in the magazine, and considering there was a hell of a lot of designers at graduate I felt extremely privileged to be involved.

After putting more of a collection together and having my lookbook created by the talented Tom Barnes I started to contact a few blogs to see if they wanted to do a little post on what I was doing. I was over the moon with some of the thoughts back from bloggers and the ones that featured me were extremely special. Two of my favourites were Renee Ruin blog and MashKulture. MashKulture are one of the biggest streetwear blogs who will only put up the best posts so I was thrilled when they contacted me to say that they would and the feature looked amazing too. 

The last blog I want to mention is by my old work place, Shop Dutty in Bristol. The two owners helped me a hell of a lot throughout uni and have supported me from day 1 so I owe those girls a lot. The girls now stock Jennifer Hope in the store in Bristol so pop into the shop if you have a chance.
Heres a little blog feature they did on my release into Shop Dutty.

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