Thursday, 28 June 2012

Today I jumped on my families old singer sewing machine considering my other electrical one has broken. Its insane how long its lasted and is still in amazing working condition even if it is a bit slower.
I made up some new silk scarves to put in an arts exhibition I'm doing in Oxfordshire tomorrow.

Hopefully ill get some good images of the exhibition tomorrow, If i remember, i know its some sort of saying but I actually reckon I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached to my body, worrying thought. 

I also made up some pretty cute labels for the exhibition tomorrow as well as for my garments. Yet again went for the mint green/pink/white/black vibe as per usual, but they are my favourite colours. 

Heres a few instagrams pictures from today:

The amazing Sadie who definitely has taste considering she's purchased a couple of our best selling products. 

Laura in one of the new rainbow pastel vest, my personal favourite!

And my best mate, colette that does some modelling for me for ASOS when i force her into it. Evidently having a girlie night in with a Wagamamas, BY THE WAY Colette this is somewhere we have never gone, we are usually nandos girls haha. 

As well as running Jennifer Hope I also work in Size? AND these came in today, I felt I needed to share because I am in LOVE. Although my store don't have a 6 in :S

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

If you are from Bristol or near by we now stock in Shop Dutty on Cheltenham Road, Bristol. Theres a couple of items in there that we don't have online yet so it's worth having a look. 

Our Tie Dye Jumpers have always been one of our best sellers and always sell out within a week of getting them in stock. As I mentioned earlier I'm really interested in getting them in pastel rainbow colours so will need to get some feedback on that before its worth doing.
Anyway heres a few of our amazing customers in theres:

Heres a few images taken from Jennifer Hope photoshoot back in October of 2011. I did a photoshoot with the talented Tom Barnes to launch my clothing brand last year so I could create some impact when it was launched. I've known Tom for a few years and I knew he'd do a perfect job which he did. The Model featured in these pictures is a girl called Laura Sophia-Rose Bennett. 

The design for these leggings were created as part of my graduate collection. The design was based on siamese fighting fish which may not be apparent in the design itself but it was the starting point. I used these leggings in my graduate fashion show and created a silk scarf to match. 

Heres an image below of the scarf and the leggings worn on the catwalk for my graduate collection.

You may be able to see more where I got the design from by looking at this picture. This is was the second hand research I used for this design, I developed it on photoshop but this was the starting point. A lot of people do wonder where fish come into my design work but you should be able to see it clearer now. 

Here are a couple of designs I created from this image in my work.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

After my birthday weekend I needed to catch up on some work that hadn't been done today! I spent the afternoon catching up on emails and tie dying some fabulous jumpers that needed to be sent out. Although yet again I've sold out of all the tie dye jumpers :(

I found such a lovely post on instagram today by a girl called Brady who had just bought one of my tie dye jumpers off Asos saying she couldn't wait to receive it, really made my day. You can see it below:

Also had another customer post on instagram today which is always lovely to see, the beautiful Mollie:

Recently I got sent some amazing jewellery by a company called Jig Saw Lane. Its run by a girl called Kate who is just fantastically lovely, she sells on Etsy so definitely check it out because they are just gorgeous. It also came in a lovely gift box with an extra little thank you gift. Heres a picture she reposted of me on Instagram wearing a pair of the silver cross earrings. They are just gorgeous!

Monday, 25 June 2012

One of the pictures off the Jennifer Hope Clothing Instagram today
Today, is the day after my birthday! I just turned 24 which for me it feels quite old considering I still feel like I'm 18 and definitely can't look after myself still.

However I had the most wonderful birthday weekend which was made wonderful due to the amazing friends and family I have around me. Sadly some people always let you down don't they, you'll find out who's not a good egg when you see how much your friends shine, if that makes any sense at all?
Although in a way I'd prefer to decide some people aren't worth you energy because your friends are too fabulous that you need to waste all your energy on them. I'd say thats a nicer way to think about it.

However new in the Jennifer Hope Clothing world last week I released a new colour design of the logo vest for the summer. Considering the weather at the moment I like to say I'm trying to entice the sun out with it, anyway it makes me feel a little more summery!

Its been quite the hit, I have to admit it is probably my favourite t-shirt I've released so far. I'm thinking of using the same pastel rainbow colour on the jumpers because the tie dye jumpers have been such a hit and I think they'd just look bloody incredible! Obviously going to have to test that one out, but i'm feeling it to be a wise move.

My stunning talented friend Gina Harrison posted these amazing picture of her boyfriend in her Jennifer Hope Tie dye jumper the other day, it's just fabulous so I thought I'd share it on here!

Look up Gina Harrison though, she's a model, actress, singer, dancer and she is absolutely stunning! That girl seriously puts in a lot of effort and she has always been extremely lovely when it comes to Jennifer Hope therefore I like her even more. haha.

Just a couple of pictures of some beautiful girls in Jennifer Hope I want to share:

Above is the bloody stunning Jemma in her black logo vest, and I love the coral jeans she's paired with it.

Heres the beautiful Amber in her acid wash logo vest!

And this is our gorgeous competition winner Sof in her Gold and Black Hearts Diamond tee!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Hey I'm Jennifer Hope Wheeler.

I run a clothing company called Jennifer Hope Clothing which is probably obvious considering my name and the title of the blog. I've got a lot of other social networking sites that support my company from a Facebook to a Twitter to a Tumblr. 
I'm not going to lie I avoided a written blog for a very long time because I don't think I'm very alliterate and I didn't want people to think I sounded like a dumb idiot. Weirdly enough I read an article the other day written by a man who had similarly set up his own clothing company, I dislike reading writing I can't understand with unnecessary long words which no one understands. This man however made a 36page article extremely easy to read because he made it sound as if he was having a conversation with you and therefore it was extremely easy to understand and strangely you felt as though you got to know him. ANYWAY to cut a long story short I felt as though even if I'm not the best writer I could still support my company through a written blog. I would also like to think it will be interesting for a few of you out there, we shall see anyone.

A little introduction into the Brand, well I'm from Oxford originally however I moved to Bristol to undertake my Fashion and textiles degree. I spent 3 and a half years living and loving Bristol and thats where I set up the company. I used my graduate collection as a starting point for the company therefore I knew it would have a strong back bone to start, I then had the summer to really form the company to then release it in September 2011. 

I was working full time in Bristol to keep myself alive and keep my company going however as soon as the company got put onto ASOS Marketplace I felt quite a strain due to a lot more orders coming in. I decided it best for me to move back to Oxford where I am now and have a part time job so the rest of my time could go towards the company. 

Jennifer Hope is a unisex street wear brand but I'd like to think it appeals to a wider audience due to my more expensive digitally printed silk scarves and leggings. I started my research for the company into marine life and vintage scarf designs and this is what I came out with. I've featured some pictures below of some of my graduate work on the catwalk. For my final project I did specialise in 2D however at the end of the year I decided to create to turn it into 3D so it was better to view.