Thursday, 28 June 2012

Today I jumped on my families old singer sewing machine considering my other electrical one has broken. Its insane how long its lasted and is still in amazing working condition even if it is a bit slower.
I made up some new silk scarves to put in an arts exhibition I'm doing in Oxfordshire tomorrow.

Hopefully ill get some good images of the exhibition tomorrow, If i remember, i know its some sort of saying but I actually reckon I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached to my body, worrying thought. 

I also made up some pretty cute labels for the exhibition tomorrow as well as for my garments. Yet again went for the mint green/pink/white/black vibe as per usual, but they are my favourite colours. 

Heres a few instagrams pictures from today:

The amazing Sadie who definitely has taste considering she's purchased a couple of our best selling products. 

Laura in one of the new rainbow pastel vest, my personal favourite!

And my best mate, colette that does some modelling for me for ASOS when i force her into it. Evidently having a girlie night in with a Wagamamas, BY THE WAY Colette this is somewhere we have never gone, we are usually nandos girls haha. 

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