Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Heres a few images taken from Jennifer Hope photoshoot back in October of 2011. I did a photoshoot with the talented Tom Barnes to launch my clothing brand last year so I could create some impact when it was launched. I've known Tom for a few years and I knew he'd do a perfect job which he did. The Model featured in these pictures is a girl called Laura Sophia-Rose Bennett. 

The design for these leggings were created as part of my graduate collection. The design was based on siamese fighting fish which may not be apparent in the design itself but it was the starting point. I used these leggings in my graduate fashion show and created a silk scarf to match. 

Heres an image below of the scarf and the leggings worn on the catwalk for my graduate collection.

You may be able to see more where I got the design from by looking at this picture. This is was the second hand research I used for this design, I developed it on photoshop but this was the starting point. A lot of people do wonder where fish come into my design work but you should be able to see it clearer now. 

Here are a couple of designs I created from this image in my work.

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