Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Boardmasters inspired Outfit of the day

We have the pleasure of attending Boardmasters festival down in Newquay last weekend which was an absolutely incredible weekend. We will further post a blog on the event but we created an outfit of the day inspired by our weekend at the festival.

Firstly we have gone for our super perfect item for festivals our tie dye rainbow neon shorts! Which are now available over at JENNIFERHOPE.CO.UK. We have then gone for his amazing monochrome vans raglan which is available from Route one. The monochrome of the rest of the outfit really balances out the neon tie dye shorts.
To carry on the monochrome of the outfit we have gone with these amazing 'Fucked Forever' trainers from UNIF which are so comfortable yet look incredible. I also think they would look amazing if you just put a white pair of laces through to match up the text on the top.
Considering while we were at board masters there was a massive downpour of rain so its always essential to have a rain coat. I usually just wack on my North Face but if you want something a bit more in keeping with the outfit we picked up this amazing quilted jacket from Topshop. It looks super snug and rain proof if a downpour is to suddenly hit.
I've accessorised the outfit with these cute Rebel 8 skate socks you can pick up from some of the skate stores in the UK which really blend well with the Vans Raglan and Unif trainers. To finish off we have gone for the super mini and cute dolphin choker from Shop Moon Child and these stunning rainbow blue crystal earrings from Regal Rose to bring the colour of the shorts to the top of the outfit.