Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Drop Date Womens Saucony Master Control

I am going to be writing a few Womens trainer reviews for The Drop Date. The Drop Date is a website designed to organise the chaos when it comes to UK trainer releases. The site lets you know when and where you can pick up the releases as well as letting you know about promotions such as competitions and special discounts from the UK retailers. The site also offers 'News and Reviews' of new releases, which is where I come in. I shall be writing a few reviews on some of the new Womens trainer releases in the UK. I'd like to think of looking at them from a design point of view as well as technical to give you an altogether bloody brilliant review check out the link to read my review on the Womens Saucony Master Control in Pink/Lime and Turquoise.

Topshop Supporting PETA window display

Topshop Supporting PETA window Display:

"Topshop has teamed up with PETA UK to fight against the use of animal skin which results from killing of exotic animals. In collaboration with PETA UK, Topshop’s flagship store at Oxford Street will showcase plight of exotic animals who are killed for their skins. The eye-catching display can be seen through the shop’s main window on Monday, March 18 features animals spilling out along with a caption stating: 'Keep Wildlife Out of Your Wardrobe'."

We are also excited to be part of the Topshop supporting PETA display with a pair of our Jennifer Hope leggings. The print is based on exotic fish therefore it ties in very well with the display among the other safari prints from Topshops own brand.

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Outfit of the day

Our outfit of the day reflects the current trends of monochrome and neon along with our new HOPE t-shirt design.

We have kept the main body of the outfit monochrome with flashes of neon throughout the accessories. I find this an easier way to wear this trend if you don't feel to confident to wear a full block of neon a flash of colour always works through accessories or footwear. 

We have gone with the new white with black HOPE t-shirt which seems to have gone down very well with everyone so far, teamed with Topshops wax finished jeans. Also this amazing drawstring snake skin rucksack from Topshop is stunning yet practical, it gives off the designer handbag look but isn't a pain in the arse to carry.

I have gone with one of our neon yellow HOPE beanies which are dotted around Topshop Oxford Circus store at the moment as well as in the brands window. The yellow chain necklace is also from Topshop, it really ties in the chain print on our T-shirt as well as drawing in the neon yellow from the beanie and trainers. To finish off the look we have gone for a pair of the classic Windbraker 574s from New Balance, the colourway of these New Balance are so eye catching yet the trainers themselves are extremely simple however extremely durable, lightweight and breathable due to the upper mesh. 

Brands at Topshop

Well its been quite an exciting week for Jennifer Hope! Topshop Oxford Circus revealed a new window display which featured the brands available in Topshop and who was up there with them, oh yes, Jennifer Hope! The display looks amazing, not just because we are in it but the VM team at Topshop have put some really eye catching outfits together which will definitely catch the eye of the busy London street!

Monday, 4 March 2013

Topshop Concession Launch 03/03/2013

As you may or may not know Jennifer Hope launched a concession with Topshop Oxford Circus, London yesterday. We are extremely excited about this and wanted to tell everyone weeks and weeks ago but I felt like a might put a bad omen on it. Anyway, we are finally in store!

Massive thanks to the management, buyers and admin at Topshop that have been extremely helpful in making this as smooth as possible for us. I have met some wonderful people already in the first couple of weeks visiting the store that only more good can come of it.

The concession is situated on the bottom floor of Topshop, not the entrance floor but two down from that along with the Topshop shoes. I am sharing the space with amazing concession brands like Motel, Ragged Priest, Art Disco, Rare etc that is a massive privilege for me.

I've added some pictures underneath of what is available in store at the moment!