Friday, 17 October 2014

Carhartt Bristol x Polar Skate Co.

If you are a Bristol resident or have visited the area you have most probably visited Park Street. Park Street has been home to many streetwear and fashion brand shops. Past brands include Motel Rocks and My Yard and the street is still home to Cooshti, BS8 and Fifty Fifty. After the demise of lots of independent shops on the street it's such an exciting time when huge streetwear brand Carhartt WIP decide to open their new store on Park Street, Bristol.

A month ago we headed down to Bristol for the launch of the new store. The store is in a perfect location next to Fifty Fifty at the bottom of the hill. They have really opened up the space making it extremely light, looking extremely spacious even with the volume of stock and a pleasant shopping experience. The stores lay out is very attractive through its boutique style, the many collections of Carharrt are laid out in sections with corresponding large lookbook images above. The stores lay out really shows the customer how clever Carhartt's colour palettes have been throughout the seasons. Espiecally towards the front of the shop showing Carhartt's popular camo print collection next to their injection of red. 

Recently the Carhartt teamed up with swedish skate brand, Polar Skate. The collection has been described as Rugged and bold: two adjectives that perfectly describe both Carhartt WIP and avant-garde skater, Pontus Alv. Sharing a distinct vision of skateboard culture, it’s no wonder that the man from Malmö has been part of the workwear brand’s skateboard department for more than twelve years.

It is this work ethic that is causing Pontus’ brainchild The Polar Skate Co. to cause a stir in contemporary skateboarding, breathing new life into meaningful graphics, pushing heartfelt style and bringing back long-forgotten 90’s spice. All that, plus his ever-inspiring, timeless shredding to back it up.

Carhartt Bristol is currently selling the collaboration along with Fifty Fifty Store next door, make sure you go check it out.


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Halloween Boom Nails

Around this time last year we got to share one of the Boxpark Shoreditch's pop up shops with the amazing Boom Nails. We've known Boom Nails for years considering Emma used to paint nails in Shop Dutty Bristol when I used to work there back in the university days. I swear Shop Dutty is a springboard in Bristol for lots of entrepreneurs, the girls that run the shop must inspire everyone that works for them. Boom Nails has taken part in creating stunning nail art for Urban Outfitters painting the nails of Cara Delevingne to Radio one creating One Direction custom nails. We wanted to create a post coming up to Halloween as Boom Nails do some of the most incredible Halloween nail art. Last year I got some stunning monochrome Halloween themed nails with skulls and blood drips, and because I got some false ones put on, they lasted for 2 weeks! Thats a record for me! Make sure you watch out for news updates coming from Booms Nails as she's back again soon around Halloween time so you can get booked in!


If you don't fancy halloween nails these are some of the other types of designs Boom Nails does.

Monday, 13 October 2014

We love MiPac

Since getting given a pink plaid duffel bag from MiPac for my birthday I have fallen in love with the brand ever since. I actually now have a collection of 3 Backpacks, 1 Laptop case and now 2 Duffel bags! MiPac offer a range of bags from backpacks to Duffel bags, Laptop cases, Purses and many more. The best thing about them is that they use simple effective shapes but completely change the style of the bag through the use of different patterns, fabrics and textures. The different design choices create a bag for pretty much every individual whether you like a faux snake skin textured Rucksack to a red floral Purse. If you have no idea what to buy your whole family for Xmas you could go to MiPac and buy an item to suit every member.

The brand have recently created a Mini MiPac range for kids which definitely offers kids a cool but extremely practical bag for school. And to make it even more amazing, you can get a matching Pencil Case too! The most impressive aspect of this brand is that you can go from buying your little niece a matching bag and Pencil Case for her first day at school to buying a Duffel bag from the Gold collection for a smart weekend away.

We were lucky enough to get sent some of most stunning bags from the current range. I do a lot of travelling around and sometimes I find wheelie case a bit of a nightmare so these MiPac Duffel bags are the ideal size and shape for a weekend away. Firstly they are super easy to fit in overhead storage on a train so you don't have to keep panicking someones taken your suitcase from the luggage rack, as much as this sounds silly it actually is a worry of mine! Secondly, you don't pack it too full so it ends up ridiculously heavy. Thirdly, it has two handles but also comes with large shoulder strap with a shoulder protector so doesn't dig in making it extremely comfortable to carry. And one of the main factors, their designs are just gorgeous. I personally love the acid wash denim fabric since seeing the purple/pink combination in American Apparel so this bag is absolutely perfect for me!

We were also sent this super cute rainbow animal print Mini MiPac Rucksack for my little niece, Lola Hope, so I'll get back to you when she tells me how many of her little pals loved it at school.

Full collection of all bags are available at WWW.ROUTEONE.CO.UK

Here's some of our other favourites from the MiPac Collections, you can see the variations in all the designs:

Check out some of the MiPac bags we have featured in our outfit's of the day styled with Jennifer Hope Clothing and other brands:

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Outfit of the day featuring inspiration from Y.R.U

Todays outfit of the day features our plaid purple leggings. I personally wear a lot of black but always like a bit of colour to make the outfit pop so how better to show of our leggings using their striking purple and green combination.

We have taken this mesh dress from The Ragged Priest which is available at Topshop. The Ragged Priest has always been one of our favourite brands and loved working alongside them when selling in Topshop, they always had the loveliest concession staff. Considering its getting super cold now in the UK we all definitely need to start buying into beanies so heres this striking monochrome one from UNIF. It's time to start layering too so we took this long length bomber from River Island, it is from the mens section so may need to get a size small if you are petite but this bomber jacket suited the outfit perfectly. We have accessorised with these incredible Y.R.U slip ones with cute cat faces on them. Y.R.U site are having a sale at the moment so go check it out, only limited sizes left but you can pick these up for just £23! This Carhartt bag from Urban Outfitters is absolutely ideal for this weather, if your like me and like to pack multiple layers for any weather conditions then this is certainly the bag to get. To compliment our purple leggings we have brought in this purple velvet sweetheart choker from Lunar Made, I think this purple really makes the outfit pop!

Y.R.U are one of the most unique and experimental shoes brands at the present time. We've recently been posting pictures of their shoes on our Instagram as a bit of inspiration. The site doesn't have as many products as the .com site but if you fall in love with a pair of these you definitely will be willing to pay the shipping price. Check these out for yourself.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Outfit of the day inspired by The Craft

Todays outfit of the day is inspired by one of our favourite films 'The Craft'. Baring in mind it's close to halloween and we have a few items that would definitely fit in with this look we thought we'd put them together. We have featured our purple plaid leggings you can now pick up in our sale along with our black pentagram halterneck top, both available from JENNIFERHOPE.CO.UK.

Along with our items we have also featured this faux fur and faux leather jacket from Topshop. We have also teamed it with this incredible patch bag from UNIF, you can also pick up one of these in rainbow tie dye! This can be bought from Dolls Kill or on the UNIF website. We have added a couple of chokers to create this statement outfit, firstly the faux leather sweetheart choker from Shop Moon Child, they also do these in baby pink which look super cute! We have also added this silver heart choker from Shop Moon Child as jewellery layering is such a big statement at the moment. As jewellery layering is such a statement at the moment we have added these two stunning black rings from Regal Rose, they are slightly more expensive than on Shop Moon Child but aren't they stunning? I have actually tried this matte nail polish from Barry M and I just love it. I remember Chanel releasing a black matte polish ages ago which I could never find but luckily some of the high street make up brands have jumped on this idea. Absolute perfect colour you won't want to change your nail colour again!
To finish off the outfit we have gone for this Cheyenne boots from La Moda Uk. These boots are incredible as they are more like flatforms therefore easier to walk in. They give you height, look super warm but they are also named after our friend Cheyenne Davide we just interviewed in our 'Women to Inspire' section. 

Monday, 6 October 2014

Jennifer Hope X Lunar Made

Recently we teamed up with the wonderful El Wood, owner of Lunar Made to create a little collaboration photoshoot for the brands. We decided it would be great to have El model our brand mixed with Lunar Made accessories and jewellery. El has worked on various shoots with us before, appearing in one of our lookbooks with Tom Barnes so who better to model the collaboration than El herself. We thought for the Lunar Made customers it would also be cool to engage with the owner and founder and let's be honest she makes everything look absolutely stunning.

Heres a couple of photos from the shoot.

Jennifer Hope Black Pentagram Halterneck, Jennifer Hope Neon Rainbow Shorts with Lunar Made Sassy Statement Necklace

Jennifer Hope Pentagram neon pastel Raglan, Jennifer Hope Blue crystal skirt with Lunar Made Faux Leather pixie choker

Jennifer Hope Pink Rose and Purple pansy halterneck crop, Lunar Made purple cluster bracelet and Amethyst Chain Choker. 

Jennifer Hope HOPE Bristol Vest with Lunar Made Cleopatra Necklace

Jennifer Hope Live Hope White Vest with Lunar Made Faux Leather gold chain necklace

Jennifer Hope Neon Unicorn crop and Black Diamond leggings with Lunar Made Daisy choker