Friday, 17 October 2014

Carhartt Bristol x Polar Skate Co.

If you are a Bristol resident or have visited the area you have most probably visited Park Street. Park Street has been home to many streetwear and fashion brand shops. Past brands include Motel Rocks and My Yard and the street is still home to Cooshti, BS8 and Fifty Fifty. After the demise of lots of independent shops on the street it's such an exciting time when huge streetwear brand Carhartt WIP decide to open their new store on Park Street, Bristol.

A month ago we headed down to Bristol for the launch of the new store. The store is in a perfect location next to Fifty Fifty at the bottom of the hill. They have really opened up the space making it extremely light, looking extremely spacious even with the volume of stock and a pleasant shopping experience. The stores lay out is very attractive through its boutique style, the many collections of Carharrt are laid out in sections with corresponding large lookbook images above. The stores lay out really shows the customer how clever Carhartt's colour palettes have been throughout the seasons. Espiecally towards the front of the shop showing Carhartt's popular camo print collection next to their injection of red. 

Recently the Carhartt teamed up with swedish skate brand, Polar Skate. The collection has been described as Rugged and bold: two adjectives that perfectly describe both Carhartt WIP and avant-garde skater, Pontus Alv. Sharing a distinct vision of skateboard culture, it’s no wonder that the man from Malmö has been part of the workwear brand’s skateboard department for more than twelve years.

It is this work ethic that is causing Pontus’ brainchild The Polar Skate Co. to cause a stir in contemporary skateboarding, breathing new life into meaningful graphics, pushing heartfelt style and bringing back long-forgotten 90’s spice. All that, plus his ever-inspiring, timeless shredding to back it up.

Carhartt Bristol is currently selling the collaboration along with Fifty Fifty Store next door, make sure you go check it out.


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