Friday, 31 August 2012

Mac Heavenly Creature collection

Nearly everyday I walk past the window of Mac and think to myself how much I love the advertisement on the window for the new Mac Heavenly Creature collection however I have never properly looked into the collection.

I had a nose today and everything looks amazing, I know as soon as you use the eye shadow it won't look like a planet any longer but I do think it is extremely effective. The whole space thing has been extremely popular with the Black Milk Space print leggings and then the collaboration of Black Milk and Jeffrey Campbell using it the space print on some of the shoes. I think it really works for Mac and its an extremely eye catching collection. Thats what I like a bout Mac they make their collections a bit more fun, think out of the box a little bit more than other cosmetic brands.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Diamond Supply glow in the dark snapbacks

As a couple of you may know I do like the brand Diamond Supply and really look up to Nick Tershay. I follow a lot of what they do and they always seem to be creating new and forward thinking items, possibly not in the way that they are new items all together but they created ash trays before however they didn't just make an ash tray and write Diamond on it they made the ash tray in the shape of a Diamond. I just think simple ideas like these are extremely effective.

However they are releasing some new snapbacks tomorrow where the embroidered Diamond on the snapback is glow in the dark. I'm not going to lie I'm not sure this idea has really sold itself to me, glow in the dark stuff doesn't really in general because unless your next to a UV light in a rave, where I hope I don't find myself anytime soon, they don't usually glow. Although I'd like to see this hat in action to prove myself wrong!

Theres only 144 being sold of each colour so I imagine these will sell out pretty quick.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Holly Violet!

Alike to the post before featuring one of the lovely girl that posted a picture of her Jennifer Hope tie dye jumper on Instagram I thought I'd do it again with another wonderful girl.
So heres @hollyviolet, I have featured a picture of her in her Jennifer Hope pastel rainbow vest followed by some cool pictures I found on her Instagram. The pictures consist of some amazing Jeffrey Campbells, Jordans, Boy London, Nail Art and gorgeous pictures of herself.

Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A$AP Rocky - Chicago featuring Jennifer Hope

YES that is right, I got a pretty sick image before of my mate rocking Jennifer Hope with ASAP Rocky however turns out the picture was from the making of this video, seriously check it out. I'm so unbelievably stoked to have Jennifer Hope featured with such a big and international artist, massive love to the man Todd. Check out the stills of the video where Jennifer Hope is featured and the link to the video on Vimeo at the bottom.

Seriously over the moon.


I have done a few posts of lovely peoples instagram pictures in Jennifer Hope however I was recently tagged in a post of a girl who had purchased one of our tie dye jumpers. I was having a little snoop through her Instagram and she had some really cool pictures so I thought I'd add couple of pictures of hers that I found following her Jennifer Hope picture, hope you like.

Ohhh her instagram name is @tuttifuckingfruity if you have it yourself.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Jessie J festival outfits

Seriously Jessie J always nails her outfits but especially her festival stage outfits she always looks incredible. Her hair and make up always look perfect and with ease. This is especially evident in the festivals she did in 2011 such as Glastonbury and V festival where she had her leg in a boot.
I love her hair at Wireless festival this year without the fringe definitely makes her look younger and less harsh even though she does rock the full fringe well of course.

Also check out her amazing her Chanel gold chain is from Isle of White festival, stunning!

Kat Von Ds Shoe Collection

This morning I found a really fun post on buzznet this morning showing collection of Kat Von D's shoes! And like any girl I am extremely jealous right now, the amount of Jeffrey Campbells in there is ridiculous. The last picture is just unfair.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Jeffrey Campbell fall lookbook 2012

Here are a few of images from the new Jeffrey Campbell fall lookbook 2012. 
I do like the new collection but I guess 'like' isn't the word you should really be using to describe a new collection, lets just say I'm not head over heels for it haha. 

Jennifer Hope heart fashion illustrations

Jennifer Hope heart fashion illustration in Purple and Lime green.

Jennifer Hope fashion girls featured in the illustrations are wearing Jennifer Hope vests and leggings with massive chunky heels and crazy coloured hair, just how I love it. Illustration created using watercolour.

Jennifer Hope loves a pop of neon

At the moment I have this love of putting neon colours into outfits. I'm not trying to create some nu-rave look, far from my friends but I think in a simple coloured outfit a bit of neon really makes the outfit pop as well as enhancing a tan. I think its extremely evident in the nikes I tend to buy at the moment as they all have volt in them somewhere.