Thursday, 30 August 2012

Diamond Supply glow in the dark snapbacks

As a couple of you may know I do like the brand Diamond Supply and really look up to Nick Tershay. I follow a lot of what they do and they always seem to be creating new and forward thinking items, possibly not in the way that they are new items all together but they created ash trays before however they didn't just make an ash tray and write Diamond on it they made the ash tray in the shape of a Diamond. I just think simple ideas like these are extremely effective.

However they are releasing some new snapbacks tomorrow where the embroidered Diamond on the snapback is glow in the dark. I'm not going to lie I'm not sure this idea has really sold itself to me, glow in the dark stuff doesn't really in general because unless your next to a UV light in a rave, where I hope I don't find myself anytime soon, they don't usually glow. Although I'd like to see this hat in action to prove myself wrong!

Theres only 144 being sold of each colour so I imagine these will sell out pretty quick.

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