Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Clothes Show Live 2012

Slight delay on blogging considering I was up to my eyeballs in tie dye in preparation for The Clothes Show Live at Birmingham NEC. We went to the Clothes Show last thursday to set up for the 5 days a head, the show ran from the 7th of December till the 11th! I'm not going to lie, I am absolutely exhausted after all that preparation for months and I think a lot of the other exhibitors felt my pain.

We had our own little stand at the show in the Off-Beat Boutique section next to other brands such as Paris in Cuffs and Alice takes a Trip. We made friends with two amazing Vintage companies, Borderline Vintage from London who are also on Asos Marketplace along with Second Hand Rose based in Worcester. Iain from Borderline Vintage was showing me and the lovely owner of Narzipan martial arts which was pretty amusing!

We also met some amazing customers that bought items from the stand throughout the few days. My favourites were the group of girls from Wales I knew off Instagram and the group of girls from a school up north that bought all their friends to the stand who bought about 5 things each, definitely going to be supporting the JHC logo up there!

I ended up embarrassingly having a television interview, which to my disgust that day I looked like a fat turtle and I was definitely interviewed by the stunning Annaliese Dayes from Americas Next Top Model, how the hell are you going to look half decent next to her! haha. She was absolutely lovely and so were the studio guys that were filming her that day, they all went away with some JHC items! I had another couple of interviews from bloggers however some of those I didn't have to be on camera which was a plus!

I think I managed to meet everyone from every type of reality TV show from The Only way is Essex to Made in Chelsea to The apprentice and Lee Stafford who I swear has something to do with reality Tv.

However I did manage to see the amazing Henry Holland!

As much as I would love to bang on about it, I won't but I want to say a MASSIVE thanks to my parents for supporting me highly throughout, my best friend Lesley Ann and brother for working for me throughout the show. Also want to thank my friend Chris for lending me his amazing camera and the guys are Borderline Vintage, Second Hand Rose and Narzipan for keeping me sane! Big love to the owners of Shop Dutty in Bristol who came down to see me, as well as my friends Danni and Phoebe who travelled all the way from Bristol to see me too and anyone and everyone who sees this who bought something off me!!

I've attached a lot of photos underneath if your interested, I'm sure they will be a lot more interesting than this bit of writing haha


Jennifer x