Monday, 13 August 2012

Jennifer Hope Updates

I haven't blogged for a good few days considering I have to admit I've been enjoying myself in Newquay at Boardmasters festival, it was one hell of a weekend.
However we have a couple of gorgeous girls in their Jennifer Hope items for you.
Firstly we have Esta in her Jennifer Hope Black and Gold Hearts Diamond tee, her boyfriend owns Who Clothing, definitely go check them out they have some sick items especially nice sunglasses that definitely came in handy this weekend at Boardmasters.

Secondly we have the amazing Nancy who is a close friend of mine. She was definitely representing us in her Jennifer Hope leggings in Vietnam!!

The next picture is of our girl Kitty Cowell who represented us at the Olympics because she's is another amazing human being!

The last of these pictures is the wonderful Indigo that jumped at the chance of purchasing her gold cuff earrings from the Jennifer Hope and Jig Saw Lane collaboration, she even bought two! I think they suit her perfectly especially with her hairstyle of half of it on the side shaved. 

Just a couple of other updates for today. I was experimenting the other day with Tie Dye and I decided to tie dye one of the mint green hearts diamond tshirts pink and purple and to be honest I absolutely love it because the pink and the mint green really compliment each other. I posted the picture on Instagram and have had 32 Likes on it so far so people must be feeling the design, but more thoughts would be appreciated indeed.

Last update of the day is......we hit 1000 Likes on our company Facebook!!!!

I know to some people that doesn't mean a lot as they may have 10k likes but to me it means a hell of a lot. For me that is a massive 1000 people supporting me and the brand and I know its only a like on Facebook but that is an individual person showing their support. I have the most supportive friends and family and wouldn't be able to follow my dream without them. So my friends and family and all these individuals on facebooks that have taken those couple of seconds to like my page or comment on a post or picture to buying ones of the Jennifer Hope items, I honestly can not thank you enough you are making all these hard work worth while.

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