Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Outfit of the day inspired by The Craft

Todays outfit of the day is inspired by one of our favourite films 'The Craft'. Baring in mind it's close to halloween and we have a few items that would definitely fit in with this look we thought we'd put them together. We have featured our purple plaid leggings you can now pick up in our sale along with our black pentagram halterneck top, both available from JENNIFERHOPE.CO.UK.

Along with our items we have also featured this faux fur and faux leather jacket from Topshop. We have also teamed it with this incredible patch bag from UNIF, you can also pick up one of these in rainbow tie dye! This can be bought from Dolls Kill or on the UNIF website. We have added a couple of chokers to create this statement outfit, firstly the faux leather sweetheart choker from Shop Moon Child, they also do these in baby pink which look super cute! We have also added this silver heart choker from Shop Moon Child as jewellery layering is such a big statement at the moment. As jewellery layering is such a statement at the moment we have added these two stunning black rings from Regal Rose, they are slightly more expensive than on Shop Moon Child but aren't they stunning? I have actually tried this matte nail polish from Barry M and I just love it. I remember Chanel releasing a black matte polish ages ago which I could never find but luckily some of the high street make up brands have jumped on this idea. Absolute perfect colour you won't want to change your nail colour again!
To finish off the outfit we have gone for this Cheyenne boots from La Moda Uk. These boots are incredible as they are more like flatforms therefore easier to walk in. They give you height, look super warm but they are also named after our friend Cheyenne Davide we just interviewed in our 'Women to Inspire' section. 

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