Tuesday, 26 June 2012

After my birthday weekend I needed to catch up on some work that hadn't been done today! I spent the afternoon catching up on emails and tie dying some fabulous jumpers that needed to be sent out. Although yet again I've sold out of all the tie dye jumpers :(

I found such a lovely post on instagram today by a girl called Brady who had just bought one of my tie dye jumpers off Asos saying she couldn't wait to receive it, really made my day. You can see it below:

Also had another customer post on instagram today which is always lovely to see, the beautiful Mollie:

Recently I got sent some amazing jewellery by a company called Jig Saw Lane. Its run by a girl called Kate who is just fantastically lovely, she sells on Etsy so definitely check it out because they are just gorgeous. It also came in a lovely gift box with an extra little thank you gift. Heres a picture she reposted of me on Instagram wearing a pair of the silver cross earrings. They are just gorgeous!

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