Monday, 25 June 2012

Today, is the day after my birthday! I just turned 24 which for me it feels quite old considering I still feel like I'm 18 and definitely can't look after myself still.

However I had the most wonderful birthday weekend which was made wonderful due to the amazing friends and family I have around me. Sadly some people always let you down don't they, you'll find out who's not a good egg when you see how much your friends shine, if that makes any sense at all?
Although in a way I'd prefer to decide some people aren't worth you energy because your friends are too fabulous that you need to waste all your energy on them. I'd say thats a nicer way to think about it.

However new in the Jennifer Hope Clothing world last week I released a new colour design of the logo vest for the summer. Considering the weather at the moment I like to say I'm trying to entice the sun out with it, anyway it makes me feel a little more summery!

Its been quite the hit, I have to admit it is probably my favourite t-shirt I've released so far. I'm thinking of using the same pastel rainbow colour on the jumpers because the tie dye jumpers have been such a hit and I think they'd just look bloody incredible! Obviously going to have to test that one out, but i'm feeling it to be a wise move.

My stunning talented friend Gina Harrison posted these amazing picture of her boyfriend in her Jennifer Hope Tie dye jumper the other day, it's just fabulous so I thought I'd share it on here!

Look up Gina Harrison though, she's a model, actress, singer, dancer and she is absolutely stunning! That girl seriously puts in a lot of effort and she has always been extremely lovely when it comes to Jennifer Hope therefore I like her even more. haha.

Just a couple of pictures of some beautiful girls in Jennifer Hope I want to share:

Above is the bloody stunning Jemma in her black logo vest, and I love the coral jeans she's paired with it.

Heres the beautiful Amber in her acid wash logo vest!

And this is our gorgeous competition winner Sof in her Gold and Black Hearts Diamond tee!

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