Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Hey I'm Jennifer Hope Wheeler.

I run a clothing company called Jennifer Hope Clothing which is probably obvious considering my name and the title of the blog. I've got a lot of other social networking sites that support my company from a Facebook to a Twitter to a Tumblr. 
I'm not going to lie I avoided a written blog for a very long time because I don't think I'm very alliterate and I didn't want people to think I sounded like a dumb idiot. Weirdly enough I read an article the other day written by a man who had similarly set up his own clothing company, I dislike reading writing I can't understand with unnecessary long words which no one understands. This man however made a 36page article extremely easy to read because he made it sound as if he was having a conversation with you and therefore it was extremely easy to understand and strangely you felt as though you got to know him. ANYWAY to cut a long story short I felt as though even if I'm not the best writer I could still support my company through a written blog. I would also like to think it will be interesting for a few of you out there, we shall see anyone.

A little introduction into the Brand, well I'm from Oxford originally however I moved to Bristol to undertake my Fashion and textiles degree. I spent 3 and a half years living and loving Bristol and thats where I set up the company. I used my graduate collection as a starting point for the company therefore I knew it would have a strong back bone to start, I then had the summer to really form the company to then release it in September 2011. 

I was working full time in Bristol to keep myself alive and keep my company going however as soon as the company got put onto ASOS Marketplace I felt quite a strain due to a lot more orders coming in. I decided it best for me to move back to Oxford where I am now and have a part time job so the rest of my time could go towards the company. 

Jennifer Hope is a unisex street wear brand but I'd like to think it appeals to a wider audience due to my more expensive digitally printed silk scarves and leggings. I started my research for the company into marine life and vintage scarf designs and this is what I came out with. I've featured some pictures below of some of my graduate work on the catwalk. For my final project I did specialise in 2D however at the end of the year I decided to create to turn it into 3D so it was better to view. 

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