Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Been slightly busy recently visiting friends in Bristol so I thought I'd get back on here. Spent two days of my trip at NASS festival and it was bloody amazing, such a good weekend with all the Bristol lot, shame it rained but it didn't stop us having the best weekend. 

First image from Instagram over the last few days is of the lovely Brady who picked up one of the tie dye logo jumpers! She is one of my favourite customers because she had posted on Instagram previous to receiving it a screen shot of the jumper on ASOS with a caption "can't wait to get this in 7 days". Seriously meant a hell of a lot to me. 

Second image is off a beautiful lady that bought one of the pastel tie dye vests. This is a picture where she teamed it with some Black Milk Leggings, she looks bloody babein! The picture below that is of her nails she painted in the same colour as her pastel tee, I think they look amazing. I love nail art I'm just rubbish at it, massive love to this girl. 

This is another Instagram post of my friend Jasmine in her Acid Wash Logo tee. Jasmine is one of my girls on a mission to spread the Jennifer Hope word around the country. I've appointed this task to a couple of girls living in other areas to me in the UK so I'm hoping it pays off, I think it will if I have babes like Jasmine wearing it!

This is my girl Amy from Bristol who I met through working at Shop Dutty as she is part of the Dutty Girl group. I love those girls, always been so supportive towards me and as you may or may not know I now stock my clothes in Dutty too if your ever in Bristol. 

The last image is of a good friend of mine Victoria who helped me out on shooting some pictures for ASOS before. She wore her tie dye pink/yellow tee to Wireless weekend in London, she definitely brought a bit of Summer to the festival I think. 

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