Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Outfit of the day courtesy of lookbook

Today Jennifer Hopes outfit of the day is inspired by Lookbook. However the girl in the pictures is not wearing a Jennifer Hope tshirt yet we have replaced the tshirt she is wearing with one of ours however I think it would look just as effective or even better. I think I loved this outfit so much due to the colours used in it as I absolutely love the combination of black, white and mint green which is evident in some of our tshirt designs. 
As featured in the outfit we have gone with the White spiky Jeffrey campbells which I would just love to own in white and black, I think they just look incredible on. We have then gone for the Jersey mint green skirt with the Leather brown waist belt which is available separately from ASOS. The jacket is from Topshop which is called a Co-ord Peony Throw on Jacket if you wanted to find it online which really does add a summery print touch to this outfit. We have gone for just a plain black snapback which you can easily pick up off Ebay. And last but definitely not least is our Jennifer Hope logo tshirt to replace the slayer tshirt the girl is wearing in the images. Our black Jennifer Hope logo tshirt can just be cut up into a vest shape like hers and tucked into the skirt, I even think it could look better due to our white logo print enhancing the white of the Jeffrey Campbells. 

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