Wednesday, 5 September 2012

New Instagram posts featuring El Wood

I haven't done a blog on our lovely amazing people of Instagram for a bit and I've had some amazing pictures that we have been tagged in!

OH yes this is THE babe El Wood in Jennifer Hope. El Wood is a stunning model who you'll usually find on the cover of Front or Bizarre magazine. She's absolutely gorgeous and one of the nicest models I've come in contact with. Massive love to this girl.
If you want to know a bit more about El Wood visit her new website:

Firstly we have the amazing m_lissa in the Jennifer Hope Mint and White hearts diamond tee, I literally absolutely love this photo as she looks amazing and she's teamed it with a camo jacket.

The next photo is Pipe who I met recently at Boardmasters down in Newquay and it turned out he was from Oxford like me, doesn't he make it look bloody good too.

Here we got a lovely shout out on Instagram from Eskigab after she ordered one of our Pastel rainbow vests, can't wait for her to get it!

Heres my girl BIG MEACH doing a standard mirror picture of her little sticker that she wanted for ages and she ended up having to pick it up off the floor at the launch party as I forgot so many times to give it to her, whoops. <3 

Heres another of my girls LA/ches/lesley-ann/chesney whatever you call her by in her logo tshirt. This girl is a buyer for Matches Fashion so we are definitely loving the fact she's reppin' Jennifer Hope. ALSO she makes it look amazing? maybe a couple of reasons then. 

Our last pictures is of our girl in Bristol, instanuggs who full on supports us out in Bristol, I know she owns a couple now and always wears it with some sick kicks! Big love to this girl.

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