Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Insta updates Hearts Diamond love

So we have some more super cute Instagram pictures for you as well as our own Instagram collage of my favourite design!

Hearts Diamond design, I honestly can never pick my favourite colour way, one day its mint and white the next day its black and gold!

Heres the absolutely amazing Olivia who I found out is my old boss and amazing friends niece, and of course an amazing outfit with the pair of Nike Air Max 1s to go with it, definitely got good style off her auntie! haha

Heres the lovely Eskigab who is wearing her Jennifer Hope Pastel rainbow vest out on the town with a pair of Disco Pants, love love this look, and I've actually put disco pants into a lot of our outfit of the days! She got style!

Seriously this picture is too cute and makes me miss blonde hair! Rhiixevans wearing her Jennifer hope pastel rainbow vest!

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