Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Jennifer Hope Instafam posts

I definitely haven't done an intagram update of all the amazing instafammers on here for a while, definitely need to keep updated on this because I absolutely love all the pictures people tag us in, it makes my day every time we get one!

Firstly we have the amazingly stunning m_lissa, this girl is one of those girls that would look good in a bin bag, shouldn't really say that but on a serious note she looks amazing in the Jennifer Hope Rainbow pastel vest. I absolutely love this picture!

Secondly we have the bloody amazing Kitty Cowell who is flying the flag for Jennifer Hope in videos, at shows, at the olympics, she is a star! Absolutely love this girl and her style and I know she's going to go far, massive love for her. 

Thirdly, heres a happy customer who has received her Jennifer Hope grey logo tshirt! I'm sure it's going to look amazing on.

Heres our girl Laura who already owns a few other Jennifer Hope items including my favourite rainbow pastel vest and one of the tie dye jumpers also. This girl is fabulous and such a babe, she has always been extremely supportive to me and such a lovely girl. 

Ah doesn't rhiixevans look so super cute in her rainbow pastel vest! Got this picture today and it really made my day, as much as I love my items I think these girls make them look even better.

Heres a picture of Bristol fam, Amy with fellow Dutty Girl member Sarah who is going to be out there flying the Jennifer Hope flag too! Love these girls.

Now this girl is such a good jewellery maker and one of the nicest people I've met on this planet, as you may know we do some work together but she's properly killing it with Jig Saw Lane at the moment, I wish her every luck in the world. 

The fabulous Eskigab looks babein in her rainbow pastel tee! Definitely on a good look teaming it with high waisted shorts and a camo jacket, properly feeling this.

Heres the amazing mellyrsclio and serious hair envy going on here. She is properly killing it here with the beanie and printed leggings, this girl definitely knows how to dress herself. 

Last picture today is the beautiful Katyalmuir who has teamed the rainbow vest with just plain black leggings which I think works really well considering it brings more attention to the colours and logo of the tshirt, good work girl! 

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