Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Outfit of the day inspired by summer beach trips

Fancy standing out on the beach, check out our beach inspired look! We have featured our neon tie dye denim shorts so you can stand out from your friends in their plain denim, we sell these for only £25, with £3.30 shipping! You always need a baggy vest to chuck on over your bikini if it gets a bit nippy, we have added our True friends black sheer vest which is extremely lightweight so will be extremely cool in the sun. This blue bikini from Triangl swimwear has the most perfect shape and possibly the best range of swimwear I have seen this year. Definitely one to be rocking this summer!
We have added these incredible slip ons from UNIF which are just perfect for the beach. To match up with the monochrome feel of the vest and slips we have added this amazing gothic summer towel from UK brand, Skulls and Bones Club!
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Featured products from UNIF, Triangl Swimwear and Skulls and Bones Boys Club.
Jennifer <3

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