Tuesday, 15 July 2014

NASS 2014

This weekend we got to go to NASS festival at Bath and West Showground. If you don't know what NASS festival is its an Action Sports and Music festival in the UK where you can go see artists such as Cypress Hill, Mistajam, The Bronx. Or you can go watch some world class skaters and bmxers in the pro park.

When I first arrived at NASS I got greeted by the most wonderful old VW beetle. Having a mum that has previously owned an old beetle I know how much hassle they are to keep running but how incredible is this car!

My body can't cope with drinking all day so for me I love being able to go and watch all the sporting events/bands and leave the partying till later. The festival has some extremely good bands on the line up however some of the stages this year seemed pretty quiet. I think a lot of people go for the sports therefore if there is a qualifiers/finals on people will be watching this instead of the bands. However I managed to catch Trash Talk and Funeral for a Friend who were both amazing and got a super tight crowd for their sets. The warehouse where the main stage was was packed and a lot of people gave up on trying to attempt to watch the main headliners Cypress Hill unfortunately.

All in all the festival is a hell of a lot of fun, theres a lot to do, a lot to see, I can't comment on food as I only ate chips but I heard there was some rather lovely burritos. The finals for the skate and bmx on the Sunday are definitely the most exciting events so if you plan to go down for a day next year make sure its that one, however the party on Saturday night is also well worth it too. Theres no ques for toilets, especially if your a girl, which is a massive plus at festivals considering queuing for toilets is most painful in everyway. Theres some amazing shops and clothing stands, where I managed to pick up a Diamond Supply t-shirt sample for only £10 from Rock Solid Distribution. 

Thanks to everyone I met for making it such a hilarious couple of days. And thank god no one drunkenly put me on a fair ride this year or gave me an FTL tattoo. 

Jennifer <3 

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