Sunday, 20 July 2014

Make up by Mandy Lee inspired by Black Diamond leggings

Look inspired by Jennifer Hope Black Diamond leggings now available at JENNIFERHOPE.CO.UK

Heres a 13 step guide to how this look was created:

1.MAC paint pit soft ochre. The go over with a blending brush using Urban Decay naked 3 palette using 'strange' this will help your colours to blend.

2. Using Urban Decay 'limi' from the naked 3 palette. Create a cut crease using blending brush.

3. NYX jumbo milk pencil in the eye lid. This will help the colour stay and pop!

4. Using Urban Decay vice 2 palette colour shellshock. Pat the product inner comer to half way up to the eyelid.

5. Using Urban Decay naked 2 palette colour pistol. Pat the product in the centre of the eye lid blending in with shellshock.

6. Using Urban Decay blackout pat this on the out corner. (It doesn't have to be neat you can always clean it up with concealer).

7. Using liquid liner create your wing and take it into the crease line.

8.Go over this with blackout again as you want this to be dark and blend in with the eyeliner and pistol eyeshadow.

9. Using a gel liner and a thin brush. Line underneath your eye, only half way.

10. Using NYX jumbo milk pencil again line your water line and underneath in the inner corner.

11. Using blackout again go over the black gel liner on the lower lash line.

12. Go over NYX jumbo milk on the lower lash inner corner with a tiny amount of shellshock.

13. Add mascara and lashes and you have created your very own!

Here is the final look.


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