Saturday, 26 April 2014

Outfit of the day Monochrome with a rainbow wash

Our outfit of the day consists of a lot of our favourite brands and colours, black and white! We definitely think this outfit is more easily worn than perhaps the last couple of outfit of the days except for the giant UNIF boots maybe, haha!

Firstly we have our wet look unicorn leggings which are now available from our site for only £15! So get them while you can! I love these leggings as you can wear them with a dark outfit but they add a bit of colour that you can match some accessories with.

We have gone for the 420 jersey from UNIF, you can buy this top from Urban Outfitters for £90.00 or from the UNIF site for $108.00 but after the shipping and custom charges it might be cheaper to just buy it from UO. Although we have also gone for these UNIF Salem platform boots so maybe if you bought them at the same time it would be a lot cheaper to buy from the states, who knows! The Salem boots are $195 dollars from the UNIF site so they definitely aren't cheap but are definitely a pair of show stopping boots that can be worn on numerous occasions. We have worked with UNIF shoes for shoots before and as much as they look like you could never walk in them they are actually 100times more comfy than any other high heel because if you cut off the platform on the front against the heel, theres not much heel at all. Your only issue is toppling to the side but boots would be a lot more secure on your ankle. We rate UNIF shoes highly for anyone who wants a pair of impressive heels but want to last the night also.

We have accessorised this outfit with Drop Deads Pika beanie which is so super cute with its little ears. There are a lot of black beanies going around now its awesome to have one with a bit of a difference. You can buy this beanie for only £15 from their Drop Dead Website. 

We also wanted to bring a bit of colour from the leggings into the outfit however subtly to not take away from the leggings so we have gone for this Nail polish from MAC called 'Violet Fire'. To compliment the dark outfit but also bring in the purple shades from the nails and the leggings with have gone for MACS 'Cyber' lipstick which is a perfect shade between dark purple and black. Cyber gives the lips a gothic look but not too extreme that you feel that you've just painted you lips for halloween. 

To finish off the outfit we have gone for this velvet black choker from Shop Moon Child, which as you can probably tell its one of our new favourite accessory shops. We thought the peace sign would look amazing with this outfit due to the monochrome vibe of the t-shirt, boots and beanie!

We love this outfit as its very monochrome which we love but as a tiny blast of rainbow. 

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