Thursday, 24 April 2014

Outfit of the day inspired by Mermaids and Unicorns

Todays outfit of the day is inspired by well....magical things like unicorns, mermaids and rainbows! This outfit is definitely not for the faint hearted. We think you could rock this outfit at a festival, we are picturing more like Coachella rather than english muddy fields. However the chunky heels could be replaced for a pair of wellys to suit England as we have still added a raincoat!

We have gone with our very easily worn white unicorn crop which is now available for only £10 from our site This crop can be changed up to be worn with just simple black disco pants and trainers or jeans and sandals.
We have gone for some simple dis-stressed white denim shorts from Topshop for £28. Our incredible jacket is from the brand Ragged Priest which is available online from their website for £60, which I think is nothing for such a statement and practical item! To combine the hologram of the shoes we have added these UNIF hologram Shady sunglasses for $58.00 from UNIF website. To finish off the outfit we have gone for these chunky heels called 'Alana Silver's from La Moda Uk for only £32!

If you could live without the sunglasses you could pick up this whole outfit for only £130! And yet again so many of the items could be worn and reworked for different occasions. Lets be honest who doesn't want to dress like a walking mash up of mermaids, rainbows and unicorns. 

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