Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Jennifer Hope interview with Kitty Cowell

After working with such a talented group on our last photoshoot I really wanted to catch up with the individuals that took part and see what they had been getting up, what they do in their life's and how they felt about working with Jennifer Hope Clothing!

Our first interview is with the amazingly talented Kitty Cowell! ENJOY!

           Hello our wonderful girl, that we have probably spoke with numerous 

           times already today!
What have you been up to since the photoshoot?
KC: Recording and writing in the studio :-) Working, getting papped for Elle Japan, The Guardian and Glamour style sections. I've been  blogging for The Unisex Mode. And I went home and see my friends in Wales and throw some shapes in Welsh Clwb.
If you may or may not know, Kitty along with her music career works with us managing our Topshop concession in Oxford Circus. How do you manage your time?
KC:I don't sleep haha. To be honest this job has really helped me manage my time much better. I get to go to recording sessions around work and at the weekends and if I don't have a session I get to see my friends at the weekends. Structure helps me focus!
We want to know a bit more about your music. When did you decide your wanted to pursue a music career?
KC:Wow I don't know when that decision happened to be honest I feel like music chose me. I just did it for fun and then people started to hear it and like it and then it took a more serious route with touring and radio play etc. I went to do fashion design at uni and then Radio 1 introducing picked me up and it all went from there!

From a musicality point of view - I rap with abit of electro and pop thrown into make up the songs. 
           If you could describe your music in three words, what would the be?

 KC:Rap, electro, pop.
Do you feel as though it is hard to break into the music industry at the moment with so many artists coming out of huge competitions like the X Factor and dominating the charts?
 KC: Yeah it is difficult but I almost feel like its helping me stand out from the crowd as I am literally the opposite to them!
If you could do a collaboration with any other musician who would it be? Dead or alive?
KC: Pharrell Williams!!!! 
We know you also have your own fashion blog, which we have been featured on many times I would like to add! How would you describe your style?
KC: I'm a tomboyish street wear girl with a barbie glittery girly edge! So basically two extremes! I love trainers and baggy guys tees but I love hello kitty, pink hair and colourful nails!
Do you have a favourite brand or shop you buy into?
KC: I love Jennifer Hope because I feel a part of it. Other brands would have to be Diamond Supply, Kr3w, Vans and Lazy Oaf. But there's lots more!
Who would be your fashion icon?
 KC: Gwen Stephani 
If you suddenly had to fly to Japan in the next 20 minutes, what items would be in your suitcase?
KC: My phone, my black and lime Nike Roshe runs, black shiny leggings, huf fuck it socks, a vintage baseball jersey and my black diamond supply tee. My iPhone charger. A lyrics note book. Make up. And hello kitty headphones! 
Considering your now working for us! How do you find it?
KC: I hate it it sucks balls.... Joke!! It's really awesome to be part of a company where I can see it grow and care about where it's going. Every other job I've had has just been a side job for money to help me do music but this is that plus enjoyment! 
Considering your also now modelling for us! How did you find working with us on the Tom Barnes shoot?
KC: OMG it was so fun :) Tom is a great photographer with brilliant banter. Everyone involved in the shoot was lovely and we had a great day. It's great when you get to go somewhere new for a days work and meet new people. 
If you could sum up the brand in 3 words, what would they be?
KC: Dye Hard Streetwear! ;-) 
Our last question for your wonderful self, what are your goals for the future?
KC: I want to make music everyday as a career. I want to record and create and perform day in day out. I want to model for brands and keep a strong involvement in brands alongside making music and I hope to have a long involvement in Jennifer Hope and see it grow and grow as a company. :)
If you want to catch up with more that Kitty is doing go over to her Facebook to check our her music and blog!

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