Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Women to Inspire. Interview with Cheyenne Davide

Cheyenne Davide, this girl really has it all. Cheyenne works as a style blogger as well as a DJ/presenter on Reprezent Radio , been seen interviewing the likes of Professor Green and now is a presenter on Vevo’s first weekly music show. We spoke to Cheyenne last year about promoting our brand out in London, which she managed to feature us in her first episode of VVV on Vevo. This girl is a serious hard worker and has such a brilliant original creative side that can’t go unnoticed...

JH:Hey Love, firstly is there any vital information we missed off your introduction you’d like people to know?

CD: haha - not really, you've kind of got it all in a nutshell - however at the moment I am one of the faces for the new Dr Martens global stand for something campaign! :)

JH: We know you work within music, what was your first break into the industry?

CD: Probably around 2 years ago when I got the job at MTV and started presenting for The wrap up.

JH: Has music also been your passion or did you ever feel like following a different route?

CD: I've always been interested in music due to the fact my family are massive fans of music (isn't everyone) but I've always wanted to combine music and fashion together because they work so well as a whole.

JH: How did working with Vevo come about? Were you noticed from other work you’d previously done before?

CD: The production company I work with 'Lemonade money' approached me and asked me to be involved with the new VEVO show's, they had seen some of my work that I did for an online youtube channel called REPVDO. I love Lemonade Money's work, they are a great bunch of guys, working with lemonade and VEVO has been hilarious and it's so much fun!

JH: Do you feel that working within music and being a style blogger work hand in hand?

CD: yes definitely as I was saying before fashion and music really do combine, being a presenter a lot of it can be about your image and personal style so it's great as it goes hand in hand.

JH: I absolutely love your Instagram and style posts, can you describe your style to us and let us in on some of your favourite brands?

CD: thanks so much! My style's random to say the least, one day I can be completely popping with colours the next I'm all blacked out haha. If there's one thing for sure it's that I'm always wearing a hat or some sort of cat ears or something along those lines on my head haha. My favourite brands at the moment would be Adidas, Missguided, Monki and of course Jennifer Hope Clothing ;)

JH: You are such an inspiration to women, who is your inspiration?

CD: aww that's so kind! My mum and my nanny Vi are my inspirations, everything I do, I do for them, they really worked hard in their careers/life so I've been heavily inspired to work my butt of because of the motivation and inspiration I got from them.

JH: What has been your most proudest moment?

CD: poo there have been a few, I would say so far it's been securing the job at vevo. It's VEVO's first ever presenter led show, so I'm soooooo excited to be apart of that and to also be one of the first presenters that will have been involved alongside my amazing co host's Vikcy Hope and Ste Hinde. 

JH: Do you feel that being a woman has ever effected your position within your work?

CD: Nope not at all. I'm very independent and hard working, so I think if you're dedicated to succeed... you will.

JH: We know the music industry can be tough, what keeps your head held up high everyday and keeps you following your dreams?

CD: There are days where I sit in my room having a moment of fear thinking 'omg what am I gunna do next' haha, because the thing with this industry is that you never know when your next job is going to be so that can be pretty daunting, but my love for it certainly outweighs the negatives and that's something I always have to remember. I'm very lucky to be doing what I'm doing, and as said before I do this not only for myself but to make my mum and my family proud. That's why I will always keep pushing myself and never give up.

JH: Last question, what have we got to look forward to come from yourself over the next coming months?

I've got a few more campaigns out that I've modelled which will be launching soon, very excited about that, and also I'm going to be working with a lot more brands in conjunction with my blog. As well as this, I'll be continuing with Vevo and I've got quite a few DJ gigs coming up as well :)

Check out more from Cheyenne by following her Instagram page @cheyennedavide
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