Monday, 30 June 2014

Glastonbury Festival

Unfortunately we didn't get to go to Glastonbury this year and watching Dolly Parton on BBC was definitely the point where you realise you are pretty sad you missed it all. However it looked amazing for anyone that went and everyone looked in high spirits even with the down pours and mud. 
We wanted to reflect on some of the outfits and fashions that normally pop up at Glastonbury. We will always forever love how people at festivals make anoraks look so much fun!

Paris Lees with her incredible miss mash of purples and pinks.

Some cute ladies with lots of different colours wellies, prints and tie dye looking as bright and cheerful as their outfits.

Lauren Lavernes amazing clash of prints.

Our classic muddy hunter wellies with knee high socks. Warm and waterproof!

These glittery floral custom nails for Lilly Allen by Nailsbymh are incredible.

We loved Foxes red two piece.

This necklace is just to die for. Absolutely stunning, we posted a recent one in our outfit of the day from Black Moon Jewellery.

Super cute head jewels and choker.

We love this outfit as it isn't your standard festival fashion. Stunning mint green panels down the side and look at those gold unicorn sunglasses!

Wellies, Denim shorts, knee high socks, messy t-shirt is your classic look but will never go out of fashion, its practical and looks great!

Super cute glittery eye shadow!

Doubled up neon for festivals and summer is definitely one of our favourites.

Cute welly combo with simple printed shorts.

If your going to go for the flowers in your head definitely do it like this. Pinned up perfectly, looks beautiful.

Probably our favourite look is dancing around with your mates, wearing a big smile having the time of your life. 

Here are some of our past outfit of the days inspired by festival fashion:

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