Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Outfit of the day inspired by Slam Dunk Festival

Our outfit of the day is inspired by Slam Dunk Music festival that we are attending this weekend! We have attended Slam Dunk a few years before and it's always so much fun, the atmosphere is amazing and the people are lovely. The weather always seems to be ridiculously hot also so fingers crossed it will be the same this year.

Firstly we have gone for our purple tartan leggings for £12 which are extremely comfortable to wear for a whole day event. Also if the weather is super hot and your not too keen on getting your english rose legs out just yet then the cotton isn't very thick so they will keep you cool!
We have added my favourite Skulls and Bones Boys Club T-shirt which will look perfect oversized or if you cut of the sleeves to make it into a vest! We just love it and its only £25!
We have gone with some classic Vans Old Skools in Black and White which you can pick up from websites like Route one, the Vans really are timeless. 
Not sure if it's just us but backpacks are a must at festivals, we find carrying around a handbag full of water, tissues and food a bit of a nightmare so backpacks are always the best accessory for festivals. We have picked this super cute bag from Topshop for just £36. Some backpacks are hard to pull off as you look like you should be going to school but this bag is definitely got the classy handbag vibe but in a backpack.
We have added these cute sunglasses from Shop Moon Child for £14.99 which you will definitely need if the weather is like the past few years at Slam Dunk. Also from Shop Moon Child we have added this velvet pentagram choker for £7.99!
Hope to see you guys there!

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