Monday, 29 July 2013

Jennifer Hope SS/AW Photoshoot with Tom Barnes

So a week or so back we got to work with the amazing Tom Barnes who shot our SS/AW Transitional collection. The day consisted of all of us heading over to Guildford for the day to play with balloons and smoke grenades in front of the camera, well the models did!

I don't think Tom Barnes need much of an introduction considering he has worked with some the most influential bands and clothing's brand of today. However I always know I need to go to Tom if I'm going to get perfection. The best thing about working with Tom is that you know its going to be a funny day as well as the pictures are always going to look exactly how I want them. I would be surprised if you haven't already seen his work but heres the link just incase:

Our good friend Honor Bailey who did the make up for our previous shoot with Tom worked with us again as I knew she would get the more everyday look I was going for. I really wanted some girls that would represent the brand so that you can identify with them, rather than putting some 7ft size 0 models  that you can't really see how the clothes are going to look on yourselves. Honor is a extremely good at her job creating the look I wanted but she also never minds helping me out with the shoot, making her throw balloons around etc haha.

We got the fabulous El Wood to model for us, who I think everyone fell in love with throughout the day. She pictures so perfectly in all the proofs I got back however this means it was extremely hard to choose which ones I wanted! It was a pleasure working with El because she is just such a natural at what she does, as soon as she steps in front of the camera you just sit back and relax!

I also got the amazing Juice Gee to model for us. I love Jess as she is the cutest, coolest girl I know, she brought a massive selection of trainers for us to work with to the shoot which really complimented the outfits. If you haven't heard of Juice Gee/ Jess she is the founder of 'Small Feet Big Kicks', the website sells nice trainers for those with smaller feet, as they say "Why should you have to have big feet to get a nice pair of shoes?" Check it out here if you haven't already:

My wonderful London concession manager, blogger, talented musician and all the rest modelled for us, Kitty Cowell. She has the most amazing pastel pink hair at the moment which looked super cute with all our pastel tie dye pieces. Kitty is a big part in the company and has supported us from wearing our clothes at her performance at the 2012 Olympics to today working bloody hard for us in the big Topshop London flagship store. I don't really know how this girl does it as she still is working extremely hard on her music career when she is not working with us, but we definitely love you for all your hard work. She is a face of us in London at the moment so she just needed to be in this photoshoot as well as being a babe!

While all the photoshoot was going on our fantastic friend Daniel Waverley Gray was filming away on his camera so he could put a nice promo video together for the shoot. The result turned out amazing! We are so pleased with it that we will definitely be working with Daniel for more of our lookbook videos. Check out the promo that he did for us here:

You can see what we got up to on the in the video above, luckily Daniel didn't film us all stuffing our faces with Nandos at the end of the day! We are extremely excited to show you the pictures soon!

I've added some images I took on my phone just to give you a little taster.

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