Tuesday, 6 November 2012

SeanSmithSucks.TV: Retrospective

An old friend of mine has been creating a set of mini tv shows called SeanSmithSucks.tv! There were 4 episodes in total and to be honest I don't actually know how to describe them because I don't really know how to describe him and his humour, however more importantly, it is really funny. He also has some pretty amusing guests such a couple of the Dirty Sanchez lot along with his mother, Jan.

He was asked to put together a look back over the episodes which has now been made into a film. The film is being shown in Cineworld, Cardiff on November the 17th at 7.30pm! So if your in Cardiff or close or just fancy a laugh at a "30 year old man with purple hair" make sure you get some tickets at the link below.

View the trailer, it definitely sells itself.

Heres the trailer for SeanSmithSucks.TV: A Retrospective!

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